Friday, October 31

Free downloadable printable

This printable was inspired by my daughter. We were having a discussion about doing things that are hard and she told me that her teacher last year had a quote over her board that said "I can do hard things." I was totally surprised that she remembered it from her previous teacher's classroom, and decided that it would be great to have hanging in her room. This is the second time that she has repeated a quote she's seen on a wall and I realized that they really seem to resonate with her. The more inspiring and encouraging things she remembers, the better! I thought this would be a great birthday or christmas present for your little ones' rooms. 

This can be printed on an 8.5x11" piece of card stock and framed in an 8x10" frame, like this one from Ikea. HERE is a more boyish version (that my daughter likes):

And HERE is the more girly one: