Thursday, October 2

Free Card Download

My monthly free download has come out on Or So She Says, and here it is! I love cards, and this one was especially fun to draw. Print it up on card stock and it will fit in a 3.5"x5" envelope.

Get the free download HERE and HERE.

Tuesday, September 23

Luke: 19 Months

Lukie is a gentle giant. Really, 98th percentile for height and weight. He is incredibly sweet, cuddly, somewhat shy, not a leader but will excitedly follow anyone doing something fun with a smile and a giggle. He loves to show you his treasures, but doesn't like to share them because he really becomes attached to things and will clutch a toy in his hand all day. He is a big laugher, with a joyous belly laugh that's contagious. 

This is blurry, but this is how Luke is a lot of the time. Giant smile and giant dimples.

Is there a dog outside? That's what I said to get them to look in the same direction. They are both obsessed with dogs and birds. 

Monday, September 22

Jude: 19 Months

Our little Judester has an energetic, feisty, playful, and when he is tired, a very cuddly personality. We call him monkey because he likes to climb on everything, including me. If I let go of him while holding him, he won't fall . . . he somehow clings and holds on. It is adorable. He is super social and wants to be held and see what is going on at all times, but then he gets excited about something else and wants to be put down and runs off as quickly as he can. I can tell his footsteps apart from Luke's, light and fast. 

Say to him "Don't smiiiile," and he gives you the smirk. He can't hold it in.

Thursday, September 18

Alexandra: 10 Years Old

Many people have told me over the years that they hope to have a daughter like Alex. She is one of those sweeties that will have fun playing night games with older kids, but also adore rolling around with babies on the ground or playing marble madness or ponies with a younger kid. She really enjoys school and especially her teachers this year, but gets quite nervous for tests. Alex has a talent for drawing, singing, and running, but has just as much fun making mud pies in the backyard. She is really thoughtful and kind and although she has chosen me to be the one person she tends to lose her patience with lately, I'm extremely lucky to have her. Plus, she is 10 years old and can start babysitting the little boys soon so thats all that matters, right?

Tuesday, September 16

Liam: 3 years and 11 months

My middle child turns four in a month, kinda crazy. Liam is an adventurous kid and loves to be in on the action, whether it's helping stir cheese into a cream sauce, or creating a rock-wall dam in a river. He's at an age where he is starting to put two and two together, and figuring out how things work in unison. Along with his feisty side (that mostly comes out when around his friend/cousin Jacob), he has a very tender side. He'll move a chair if he sees it is in your way, or get you a pillow if you are lying on the floor without one. Such a well-rounded personality.

Just looking for his other pocket.

His scrunchy nose and moon-shaped eyes when he smiles are my favorite.

Ask him to sit and this is what you get.

Monday, September 15

Close To My Heart: Stamp Sets

I really enjoy designing stamp sets for Close To My Heart. They are so clean and beautiful, I love the way they look.

A marriage theme:

Thanksgiving theme:

And obviously Christmas theme:

Here are some of my stamp sets in their catalogs, along with examples of how you can use them.

This Christmas wreath is one of my favorite stamps. You layer three stamps on top of each other to complete the look, the bottom of this page shows you and example.

Thursday, September 11

Close To My Heart: My Crush Book

Over a year ago I had the opportunity to fully design a product for the company Close To My Heart called My Crush Book. It was a lot of work to do, like a lot, but I honestly loved every minute of it. They mailed a book to me quite awhile ago and I've been meaning to post it on my blog ever since. But, now the water main to our house has a hole so we have no running water (it will be fixed tomorrow) but I have the excuse to myself that I can't clean at all and now I get to catch up on a few things I keep putting off.

This may look like a regular journal, but inside is filled with all my awesomesaucely designed pages. 

But first a look at the glossy/matte effect on the cover. I love the feel of glossy and matte things printed together.

Below are pages I randomly selected to photograph and show. The book has 30 pages front and back, so 60 designs. They asked for an eclectic feel, to which I added a more modern twist to with some line drawings and other additions you'll see.

Eclectic means lots of texturizing, which there is a ton of in this book . . . which took ages. I think it turned out amazingly nice.

I LOOOOOOVE this giraffe.  Maybe I'll make an animal series for my babies' room to hang on the wall.

Some pages are more simple with out illustrations or text.

I love this hot air balloon too. It took ages to draw, a million lines to get exactly right.

My handwriting at its best. Seriously, this is the tidiest you'll ever see it. I love how this "hello" turned out.

In addition to the book, there were a bunch of cards, stickers, tiny envelopes, etc, that I designed. This one below is one of my favorite things. Get it? But it really is.

Um . . . something happened to the gradation of the hot air balloon when this printed. Bummer.

And lastly, a couple pages from the Close To My Heart catalog where it features the book:

I completely love how it turned out. I'm not even a scrap-booker, but I'm going to buy another one (I have to keep one untouched!) and thoroughly enjoy using it. 
If you take a look at their catalog, you'll fall in love with so many other things. There are several stamp sets I really want to purchase and I bet you will too!