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Giant clovers in Muir Woods, CA.

Tuesday, June 2

Free Printable Quote

HERE is a quote by Duke Fergerson, who is a former NFL player. He said this in an interview in 1988 and attributed it to something that his mom would always tell him. I love it and think it can apply to many situations.

Friday, January 30

All About Me

Well this isn't all about me actually, but you can have your own All About Me sheet to fill out yourself or for your friends and family. I've had an ongoing goal to write down accomplishments and milestones on each of my kids' birthdays, but honstly that rarely happens. So now at the beginning of each year I'll be filling out one of these for each of my kids. I think once a year is more practical for me!
I have kids ranging in ages from 10 to almost 2 and I tried to make most of the questions apply to all those ages, which essentially can apply to anyone.

Click HERE to download the file!

Wednesday, November 19

Free Thanksgiving Printables

These first two downloads I created last year, and here they are again. Download this first one HERE.

Download this coloring page HERE.

And this one is new with a beautiful quote. Download it HERE.

Have a fantastical Thanksgiving!

Friday, October 31

Free downloadable printable

This printable was inspired by my daughter. We were having a discussion about doing things that are hard and she told me that her teacher last year had a quote over her board that said "I can do hard things." I was totally surprised that she remembered it from her previous teacher's classroom, and decided that it would be great to have hanging in her room. This is the second time that she has repeated a quote she's seen on a wall and I realized that they really seem to resonate with her. The more inspiring and encouraging things she remembers, the better! I thought this would be a great birthday or christmas present for your little ones' rooms. 

This can be printed on an 8.5x11" piece of card stock and framed in an 8x10" frame, like this one from Ikea. HERE is a more boyish version (that my daughter likes):

And HERE is the more girly one:

Thursday, October 2

Free Card Download

My monthly free download has come out on Or So She Says, and here it is! I love cards, and this one was especially fun to draw. Print it up on card stock and it will fit in a 3.5"x5" envelope.

Get the free download HERE and HERE.

Tuesday, July 22

Free Card Downloads

Some free card downloads! 

Click here for 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Sunday, March 30

Free Printable: Birthday Calendar

Print this baby up and decorate your wall with a birthday calendar. Click HERE to download the PDF and then print on 8.5 x 11 card-stock. 

Tuesday, January 28

Valentine's Download

Valentine's Day is coming right up! I looove candy, but sometimes I think an alternative is a nice change.
I've made this printable for your little ones to bring to school and fill Vday boxes with! 🖤
Click HERE to get the $4 PDF.

Wednesday, November 27

Free Thanksgiving Printables

Hello friends! I have a new gig once a month creating a free printable download for the website Or So She Says. Click HERE to see todays post, my first one. 

Or, you could just continue scrolling down here, it is the same thing :)

I created a couple of radness printables for all your thankful thoughts this Thanksgiving dinner. Here is the one for the grown-ups table. (Click HERE to download the PDF. So easy!)

This list I created is truly things I'm thankful for. I haven't written down things I'm thankful for in years.

And, here is the one for the kids' table. But I think I might like this one more because I like to color. That settles it, I'm coloring one of these. (The PDF is HERE.)

My sweetie 9-year-old girl Alex loves to color. She had some tips for me on how to improve the page, but I didn't have time to update my PDF before today. Maybe next year, just for her.
Happy Thanksgiving!