Monday, April 13

Three little One-Year-Olds

The sweet Geneveive, Mackenzie, and Isabelle. Geneveive and Isabelle are identical, Mackenzie fraternal.

Friday, March 6

Rowell Family

Wednesday, March 4

The Twins are Two

Tuesday, March 3


Well taking pictures of triplets, inside with not the best lighting no less, is no easy thing. I was able to get a handful of shots with all three of them in the picture (one of them was able to crawl), all three with their dresses down, bows still on their heads, and no crying, so I'm happy!
The outer two girls are identical and the middle fraternal.

Monday, March 2


Monday, February 16

Disney Baby Blog

Well, I didn't know until a couple weeks ago that Disney Baby has a blog, but they do, and a simple Valentine's Day card I made was on it a few days ago. Now if only I could get them to pay me to design . . .

Wednesday, February 11