Thursday, November 14

Customizable Christmas Cards

If you're like me, you haven't even thought about Christmas cards yet this year. To make it simple for you, I have a plan. For $15 you can:

1. Pick out a card you like below.

2. Email me at and tell me which number is your favorite. Be sure attach a photo, what name you'd like on the card, and how you will be printing it so I can send you the right file type (see number 4 below). 

3. I'll customize your card and email you a digital file. I'll do it within 24 hours or less.

4. Print it one of two ways (1) print as a simple 5x7 photo or (2) I can place two cards to an 8.5x11 page and you can print them on card-stock at two to a page (but you would have to cut those out or pay the printer to).

5. Stuff them in a standard 5x7 envelope (like these) and you are DONE! 

I take paypal so everything is easy peasy. Also, I can change the colors on cards 3,5, & 8 to coordinate with the picture you send if you prefer.

Happy Holidays!

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