Wednesday, December 5

Day 5: A nice little set of ornament cards

Our Christmas tree is a hodgepodge of ornaments collected and given to me and my kids over the years. I was excited when I came up with an idea to memorialize them, before they get even more beat up than they already are. 

Below is an image of all six cards available to download. The top two ornaments are from my family's tree growing up. I wish I knew where they came from, but I always loved them, along with several other ornaments I have fond memories of (including a wooden santa whose arms and legs would go up as you pulled a string). If you look closely you'll see that they've had better days, and may have even had a little photoshopping done to them to make them look a little more front-of-a-card ready. But not too much.
The second two down are from my mom. One given to me by her in about 2001 and the other inherited when she passed away in 2003. They are Goebel Berta Hummel ornaments, and I only know that because I still have the boxes they came in. 
The last two my daughter picked out because they are two of her favorites. She loves decorating for Christmas, it's adorable.

I made these cards 3.5 x 5, so you can insert a small pictures if you'd like (they fold in half like a standard card), or attach one to a gift, or as a note itself (they will fit into envelopes that xpedx carries size 3.625"x 5.725" that are about $4.59 for a pack of 25). I created a download for each card (with two cards to a page of 8.5 x 11 paper) so if you only like one specific card, you don't waste ink printing a card on the other half of the paper that you don't want. Here are the PDFs to download:


  1. These are so awesome. What a great idea.

  2. Wow- you are so talented! Beautiful!

  3. Sharon! I love these! What a brilliant idea. I have several ornaments similar to this from my childhood and I love that you've captured them. Great idea! love these tags!