Friday, November 16

Free Download: Emergency Sheet

The last few months I've been on an emergency preparedness kick. It has only taken me several years to put together 72 hr kits, but I'm just about done. After finishing those, I'll tackle the bigger things like home food storage, but I feel better having at least a 72 hr kit for each person in the family.
Anyway, this is a sheet that I'll be putting in a zip lock bag (along with other important info like birth certificate, etc) in Liam's 72 hr kit backpak. It has basic information that would be helpful if he was lost,  and probably many other uses too.

I have a free sheet that is ready for you to fill out that you can download HERE for your child. The left side is blank so you can tape pictures to it.
I made a slightly different one for my me and my husband that made more sense for us as adults. You can get that HERE.

Maybe this will encourage you to create your own 72 hr kit! There are a ton of websites out there with basic info to help you get started. My sister and I threw together this 72 hr kit food list on a simple blog so we could both access it, THIS is where we have our 72 hr kit first aid supply list, and THIS is just a generic 72 hr kit list that we complied after looking at several websites. I pretty much only have the items under "important supplies" in my kits (not even all those items actually), but a good start nonetheless.


  1. Dear Sharon, thank you for your wonderful PDF. I'd like to share them, those free of course, with my friends and put them on my blog (with your name) but I can't import them as they are PDF and the blog asks Images. Can you tell me how to do it? I'm sorry but I'm not good to do it. Can you help me? tahank you very much!!

    1. Hi,
      You can just save the jpg image in the post to you computer then upload it on your blog, and then for people to download the PDF, just send them to my blog at this link:


  2. Thanks for these sharon! I was just about to make some. Apparently your still keeping up with the 72 hour stuff!