Wednesday, April 18

I've been Minted

Lately I've been keeping really really busy designing for If you haven't heard of yet, head on over there today! It is an amazing website where designers can submit designs to their ongoing and always changing contests, and the winners get to have their product sold on Minted's website, along with a cash prize for winning and a percentage (6-8%) of sales on their products. I love it. It keeps me motivated, designing things I wouldn't normally design, and even making little bits of money!
Here is a picture of one that is on the site for sale now (there is a slow lapse time between submitting the design, the community voting (that could be you!), submitting your design files if you win, then having them posted on the site). This design is called Espana Tile, and if you've ever learned about Spain, you've heard of Antonio Gaudi, who this is inspired from.

Here is a design that I surprisingly won first place on. The way the voting works is anyone can set up an account to submit designs, vote, or both. It is awesome, I love the feedback I can get on designs from other designers or voters. This design, called A Little Paris is available to purchase too. It is a personalizable journal (your name goes where the "Evaline" name is on the cover).
(Click HERE to go to the rest of my designs that are available for sale currently.)

This is a moving announcement that won (not first place...) but will soon be available to purchase on their website.

And another that will be up on their site soon too.
And another. This one is a journal, like the A Little Paris journal above.
This is a design that has been voted, but the results aren't in yet. They have so many ongoing contests that my designs are in all sorts of stages.
And here is another design. This is wall art, up to something like 2' by 3'. I will probably print this and hang it in my house, even if it doesn't win (I might change the colors a little...).

If you want to see ALL the designs I have submitted (some didn't win, some did, some have been voted against but not available to buy yet, some not voted on yet, some in voting process now) then click HERE and then scroll down under where it says "designs by Sharon Rowan" and click on the link that says "designs submitted" (it always defaluts to "designs for sale).
Go on over to and vote for designs! You'll love it, it is addicting.


  1. I saw the first card and thought -- "SPAIN!" What fun that was, and what a lovely design.

  2. these are all lovely Sharon! Way to go! Keep it up! Can't wait to see even more designs!

    1. Thanks Muffin. I know you'd win some if you wanted to enter, I love your stuff.