Thursday, March 15

Wedding Accessories

No recent blog posts = too busy with freelance and other family events.
However, over the past couple months I've worked on some elements for my brother and sister-in-law's wedding. (Remember their wedding pictures?) Now that the wedding has passed, I thought it save to post a little about it. Not that I know too much or have actual pictures, the wedding was in Hong Kong after all!
(Note, some of the details were changed for the privacy of the brother and sister-in-law.)

My sister-in-law liked this wedding invite that I made and asked me to apply it to her and her spouses country of origin. I love how it turned out.

In China, well at least Hong Kong, it is traditional to have a large sign (maybe 5 feet across) hanging on the stage behind the couple during the dinner, etc (example here). I designed this sign for them since she wanted something a little more unique than what the reception place offered. I started with a font and changed it up with lots of hand lettering details.

She had a couple of panels of Amy Butler fabric behind the sign, I'm sure it looked awesome at the wedding. This image below is my doctored repeated pattern of the fabric she used to get an idea of how it looked.

Then using the same "logo" I made for their names, I applied it to a wine bottle label I designed to be attached to the bottles at each table.

And lastly, some table place cards. Instead of each table having a number like "3", they have a year along with pictures of each of them from that year. Adorable idea that she found via pinterest.

And there you have it, and the awesomeness at parties/weddings is found in the details. She thought of all these ideas, I just helped her design them all. Congratulations you guys on finally having an official wedding!


  1. Thanks Sharon for everything you did for our wedding. Here is a video of the morning part (A.K.A. the Chinese part)on that day:


  2. what font did you use for their names? Its amazing!!

    1. I started with a font called Aldine, then I made a ton of changes by hand. So it is half a font and half hand lettering. It was a lot of work but I love how it turned out!

  3. Hello Sharon! I found you through pinterest! I really like the concept of the wedding invitation you've designed (featured in this post). I am from France and my fiance is from Australia.

    Can you please contact me at cyndie {at} mslimalicious {dot} com and advise how much (US $) you will charge to adapt the existing invitation design for us. Many thanks!