Wednesday, February 22

Kitchen Art

I'm not a fan of the phone and cable outlets in our kitchen that I'm pretty sure we'll never use. I decided to make something to cover them up.

I used to think that all "artists" had to have pretty handwriting. We like pretty things, right? Mine is not so good, and no matter how many times I've tried to improve it, I always go back to my scrawl. However, I found out that when I turn it into calligraphy, it isn't half bad. As a teenager I used to be semi-obsessed with calligraphy, rounding up my sister to practice it with me. I always practiced the old gothic style and I was always bad at it. I'm glad I realize now that calligraphy doesn't have to be based on perfection--although I can still improve mine a lot!
Here is how my kitchen wall looks now, such a great improvement. After printing out this saying on my home printer, I stuck it in an old frame that I spray painted white.

No more phone and cable outlet, yay!

Want it for a free download to cover up your ugly wall-ness? Click on the jpg image below. It will enlarge. Then right click and save to your desktop. From there, print on 8.5 x 11 card stock. Enjoy prettying up your kitchen!


  1. Simple and true! Food really is the best. The stuff looks great in your kitchen!

  2. I hate the outlets too....
    Might have to bake up some cinnamon rolls now....

  3. Sharon, your blog is pretty cool. i love your posts!

  4. your fonts are amazing! what is the name of this font?! I'm obsessed with type and fonts!

    1. This one I wrote by hand, so not a font. Sorry!