Sunday, October 30

More DIY?

Yes it is! While I've actually been designing a lot and taking a lot of family photos (everyone wants pics before the weather gets bad!), the designs I can't post since they are for a client, and the photography I haven't spent the time to go though...
So, here you get some more DIY projects from around my house, since we're always working on something. I love DIY projects!
This first one is outward facing bookshelves using Bekvam spice racks from IKEA. I saw this somewhere online (long before pinterest) and saved the image to a folder on my desktop. I love that the shelves essentially present the books as art, and I think Liam is more likely to pick up a book and look at it if he can see the cover.

My sister-in-law made this mobile (and about 10 others) for my baby shower last year. I kept one and it hangs above my baby's changing table. She got the idea from this Martha Stewart page. I love it so much, and it was a cinch to make.

This DIY project is not quite as exciting, but very useful if you need it. This is a solution I came up with when I realized we couldn't put up a baby gate on our curved banister. I bought a piece of wood as high as the banister (my husband painted it white which makes it blend in nicely). Then used long zip ties to hold it to the banister. I even put craft foam under the zip ties and in between the wood and the banister to help it from ruining the paint on the banister.

Without the wood addition we wouldn't be able to have a baby gate. And without a baby gate, Liam would have fallen down the stairs several times, I'm sure. The best part is, when we're done with the gate, the banister should look as good as new!

Lastly, my friend made this jewelry holder for me. Much better place for my necklaces than the zip lock bag they were in. It would work great for earrings too.

A painted frame with heavy-duty staples in the back with wire twisted through. I love it!

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