Sunday, September 25

What we did in Washington

We drove up to Washington (and flew 14 hr drive with an 11 month old is enough). It was lotsa fun, here are a few things we did and saw.

We went to the Puyallup Fair (which my sister in law told me is the third biggest fair in the nation) and saw a horse show.

Ate a monster size bag of cotton candy. Really, the bag had a picture of a monster on it.

There was tree climbing.

Rock eating.

Liam practiced walking.

We drove to Crescent Lake. It was beautiful.

Picked flowers.

Ate grass.

This is the real color of the lake. Amazing.

Then we drove to Rialto Beach. There was a storm in the '20s that washed up A LOT of trees, and the beach is covered in them. It is great.

All the rocks were smooth.

Alex made a pie.


  1. wow--such a beautiful place and you got great shots of it Sharon!

  2. Do you plan on selling any prints of these images?

    1. Sure, email me at to get pricing.

  3. what state is this in?