Tuesday, September 16

Liam: 3 years and 11 months

My middle child turns four in a month, kinda crazy. Liam is an adventurous kid and loves to be in on the action, whether it's helping stir cheese into a cream sauce, or creating a rock-wall dam in a river. He's at an age where he is starting to put two and two together, and figuring out how things work in unison. Along with his feisty side (that mostly comes out when around his friend/cousin Jacob), he has a very tender side. He'll move a chair if he sees it is in your way, or get you a pillow if you are lying on the floor without one. Such a well-rounded personality.

Just looking for his other pocket.

His scrunchy nose and moon-shaped eyes when he smiles are my favorite.

Ask him to sit and this is what you get.


  1. All pictures are so cute! I'm wondering which camera and lens did you use?

    1. Hi, it is a Canon camera and a Sigma 50mm lens. I really like the Sigma lenses I have, and 50mm is great for portraits. Less glass and a really large aperture.