Saturday, April 19

My Babies are One

My babies turned one in February. I took some pictures of them in these paper boy hats I found on clearance after Christmas at Target. It sort of worked. Trying to get two babies to sit still enough for a picture together with just one adult (me) to keep them in place is near impossible. Most of my pictures didn't work.


The individual pictures worked better. Here is my little Lukie. I could squeeze his cheeks and neck aaaalllll day. He is a super squishy baby. He loves loves loves to cuddle.
(I was given the bow tie--and a second coordinating polka dot one--by Veronica of Lolly Lu Designs. She sells them for just $6.95 on her Esty site and they are immaculately made.)

This is sweet little Jude. He is quite independent but has learned to say "hi" and loves to say it when a new person enters the room. He also recently learned to hug by putting his head on things he likes while saying "aaahhhhh." He has become really affectionate.

I was able to get a couple okay shots of them together. I don't know that face Luke is making.

I patched these two together. Luke kept playing with Jude's ear, it was hilarious. Jude didn't even seem to mind.

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! They are SO ADORABLE!! I love it! :)