Monday, March 24

My New Love

A few months ago we replaced the last light fixture in our house that hasn't been replaced (besides our build in fluorescents in our kitchen). It took a long time because I wanted something I loved, and I also wanted something my husband didn't hate (but I didn't really mind too much if he didn't looove it.)
I found some awesome industrial fixtures with clear glass which my husband hated and said looked like clear upside down planters. My husband then found some weird overly modern belong-in-a-sci-fi movie fixtures. Then we (I) found one we both loved. 
First here is what we originally had:

And here is the light we found and fell in love with from West Elm:
(Note, we also replaced that yellow window with a clear one and added interior window trim which makes the light look better too, in my opinion.)

We've replaced tons of things in our house (like new 5 panel interior doors, 100% painted every room and ceiling, took out wood paneling, etc) but the one that I fall in love with more and more every day is this light. Now I sound a little crazy.
I love the metal. My husband loves that there is a shade so he won't be blinded when looking at it. I love the space between the metal and the shade. I love the texture. Even the cord attaching it to the ceiling has great detail. We lucked out too and bought it when West Elm was having 30% off all their lighthing. Nothing like a sale ending the next day to make you bite the bullet. Fall in love with me:

So the lesson of today: Sometimes that one special more-expensive-than-you-would-normally-pay item for your house will bring you so much happiness that it is totally worth it. I sit in my chair in my living room nursing my babies and stare at it for hours.

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