Wednesday, September 4

Babies and Kids and Kids and Babies

I took a trip to the park a few weeks ago with the intention of getting a picture with all four kids that wasn't in our sad looking backyard . . . and it kind of worked. I got great individual shots, just not really of all four, but who cares if they don't all look at the camera! It is hard to do with one adult and four kids. 

Anyway, here is Luke. He is about 6 months old.

And his twin, Jude.

Alex and Liam. Even with the age (6.5 yrs) and gender difference, they are sooo adorable together and for the most part can't get enough of each other. (They have their times where they are sick of each other too.)

Can you tell I loooove back lighting?

Liam here is looking at the "grumpy guy." A guy simply wandering through the bushes looking for his frisbee.

Patiently waiting in the stroller.

A couple of the photos with all of them. Liam was having a hard time holding Jude.

I pulled out the Bumbo seat. It helped, but everyone was restless by this point and Alex was getting a little worn out from the squirmy babies. It is fun documenting and remembering them at any age and any mood, I love it. Plus, I love the lighting.


  1. Too cute Sharon! I love back lighting as well....I just wish I knew how to take great shots like you do! Your kids are so darling!

  2. These are so beautiful! And so ambitious!

  3. What a wonderful family! You must be very proud of them :)))

  4. Cute Family Sharon! Really growing :)