Tuesday, May 28

Fabric for Trixie Baby

I'm excited to introduce my first fabric! Trixie Baby is a dutch company that makes adorable fabric baby products. Several months ago I was contacted by them and asked to make a pattern that would then be sewn into various baby items.

I gave them a few patterns to choose from, and the one below is the one they went with. It's awesome not only having my design made into fabric, but sewn into so many adorable products! Here are a few highlights from their catalog:

This, if you can't tell, is a long sleeved sleeping pouch. I love these for my kids (once they are older and aren't swaddled anymore), but I've never been able to find a long sleeved one. I'm super excited about this product.

To see the catalog, click HERE (they ship world wide!). The other fabrics in the catalog are adorable too, I especially love the owls. I'm not sure how often they come out with new fabrics/catalogs, but I think it is annually. Hopefully I'll have another pattern in their next one! Also, I need to get my hands on some of my fabric and make something with it.


  1. I am super interested in that long-sleeve sleep sak too! I always felt that was a flaw in those. I absolutely love the fabric too. You are so talented!!!

  2. This is incredible Sharon! I absolutely love the design! You are so talented! How exciting to see your pattern sewn into so many things! Super fun!

  3. Congrats, Sharon! That is amazing!!