Monday, May 6


Since I hardly leave the house, my subjects are limited. Good thing they are cute.

Here is little Luke.

And of course, Jude. Can you see their differences? They aren't identical.

I don't take a lot of pictures of them. I don't understand how people do it. I'm too busy figuring out how to keep nail polish off the carpet (happened last week) and other similar disasters. These pictures document the third time the babies weren't just in sleepers, too much work to get them dressed in more than one pice of clothing! I don't really make dinner either. I've been living off frozen dinners that I pre-made, or dinners people have brought over. So many people have been extremely generous with gifts, dinners and/or their time. A friend of mine and also one of my sisters have each given us many dinners and spent a lot time over here, it has made both dinner time and my well being much better.

Now that the babies are 2.5 months old I might try to get out more. I mean, my brother and his wife are in europe for three weeks, and I don't even go to the grocery store! :)  I know it will happen again eventually though, but I think I'll start with walks. Baby steps! I'm extremely grateful for what I have, even if it has been challenging and exhausting. And, I know when my kids are older and out of the house, I'll wish for this time of my life to happen again.

Here are the little guys together.

Body parts are bound to get tangled up when laying this close together.

Liam needed to join in on the fun. He loves having his picture taken. I think it's a two-year-old thing.

The babies were pretty mellow while I took these pictures. Little does Liam know that his sweet hug is slowly wearing Jude down . . .


  1. thanks for posting these, even in the midst of all the craziness. They are all very cute!

  2. You're doing awesome Sharon! It's good to "see" them again :)

  3. They are so so cute!! And really identical! You have a very nice family :) I imagine it must be crazy with 2 little babies!

  4. What a gorgeous family you have and to have 3 sons is a blessing! My son is about to become a 1st time Daddy, but his fiance' has 2 boys herself. They are expecting a little boy, so that will make 3 rambunctious boys! lol Thanks for sharing your babies....they are adorable! :)

  5. Oh those are two really delicious babies!! They are just so stinking cute.

  6. Wow Sharon! You are amazing. They are so beautiful! I've been thinking about you so much! I need to come over! I'll try and stop by tomorrow w/ a fresh batch of cookies! Miss you!