Monday, April 29

I'm still alive . . .

. . . just really exhausted.

I don't get a lot of pictures of me with my babies, but here is one my sister took. It is Luke. Jude is in my other arm actually, but hiding behind our heads.

The babies are doing great, sleeping a larger chunk of time at night now. I think they know I wouldn't be able to function without it or something. Either way, I'm greatful. My sister documented some things on her baby sleep blog HERE if you're interested. Not super interesting unless you have twins probably.

I've been enjoying life with twins a lot, but excited to find a little time to design again. Or even time to just take a shower without having to go as quick as lightening and still hearing crying when I get out, even though I think the babies are asleep. Good thing they are adorable! 


  1. Oh, they're so big! I haven't seen them and you in so long. I'm coming next week. Will call . . .

  2. You've got all my respect! They are adorable and I'm sure they are lots of hard work but worth it!