Friday, January 4

Thank You!

At the end of September I posted THIS POST about my cousin Cherie and her husband Josh. Thank you so much to those of you that took the time to read the post and even watch their video and donate! They are up past $6,000 thanks to so many kind people, and have just 21 days left to reach their goal of $14,000, which is what they need to reach to do one session of In Vitirio. You can go back to my original post to read some quick details about why this is their last option to have a baby.
I know a lot of people are short on money after the holidays, but I love these guys and wanted to make one more push on my blog to try to help them reach their goal and dream of becoming parents. Maybe it is because I already have two kids and am currently pregnant and I'm feeling a little guilty that I'm so lucky, but I really appreciate all of you reading this and maybe just posting their link (below) on Facebook if you're not able to donate a few dollars. Thanks and Happy New Year! I'll be back to my regular posting soon.

Cherie and Josh's fundraising link is HERE.

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