Wednesday, October 10

Just because . . .

. . . he turns two today, some pictures of little Liam. These were very impromptu, but the bench by the front door had some pretty nice lighting. I'm sure I'll be using it again and I don't know why I never noticed it before. We've only lived here over a year now.

The look he gives when you ask him to put his binoculars down.

See the smartie in his mouth? The only way to get him to stay on the bench longer than 10 seconds. Plus, this is a good view of his chipped lower tooth. He used to try to eat rocks a lot.


  1. I had to post a few of these on FAcebook, he is soooo dang cute! GIve him a hug and kiss from me. Love you,


  2. cute indeed! i love those striped pants!

  3. So cute! His eyes totally match his shirt in the first few.