Thursday, September 20

The Isaacson Family

I had an awesome time a few weeks ago taking pictures of the Isaacson family, as I mentioned before. In this first image we squeezed into their front living room and reenacted a picture that the mom/Snow White found online of a modern day Snow White. I love the idea of her standing, exhausted, amongst her family, while they paid no attention to her.

Afterwards, we drove up the canyon and found this amazing green fern area. They (well, the dad) hung an old chandelier from a tree and set up a "bed" for Snow White, as if she were dead, and had her seven dwarves/peasant children kneel around her.

Aren't their clothes awesome? They rented them from a local theater.

The following shots are the kids, from oldest to youngest.

It had such a great time, and as much as I like taking traditional family pictures, it was so much fun taking these and knowing that the kids would remember the experience for a long time.

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  1. I've been waiting to see these. They turned out great. Beautiful kids!