Tuesday, September 25

Meet a Mintie

I love Minted.com, and today they were amazingly kind enough to spotlight me!
Here is a view of their homepage today, because I think it's awesome:

I've been entering Minted.com's design contests for a year now, sometimes having more time to enter than others. However, I've been lucky enough to win 14 awards, including first place for my "A Little Paris" journal, which was so great and surprising. I have completely loved designing and entering their contests, everyone there seems so nice! I love being able to design whatever my heart desires, as long as it fits into their broad contest parameters, for example, Holiday Cards, etc.

This design below is one that I recently won 27th place for in their most recent holiday challenge. There are so many amazing designers that submit on Minted.com, I'm honored to be one that will get a design printed (it will be up on their site any day now) for this coming holiday season.

This is an additional version, with the word "peace" instead of "blessings," for another option. There will be three color options total, above and below are two of the three colors.

And here is the backer pattern, which I love just on its own.

This last print is one that I've recently won during one of the Art Prints contests. It is the Seine river in France. It should be up for sale soon too.

Minted has ongoing contests, so if you're a designer you should work up the courage (or maybe just try to make enough time in your schedule, if that is the issue!) to enter. You win a cash prize and between 6-8% commission from each sale, which is SO awesome! I love it, I would even enter if no money was involved, it is a great way to keep pushing me to design/illustrate something new, and I really enjoy entering their contests.
If you're not a designer, they almost always have a contest in the voting phase, so head on over there to vote! Or, you can always just browse through what they have for sale and see if they have the card you've been dreaming about sending to your family and friends this holiday season!


  1. I love all of your designs! Most especially the "blessings" text for your holiday design! So excited to see more! Hooray!