Sunday, September 30

Cherie and Josh

Here is a picture of my cousin and her husband, Josh. You might remember them from THIS post last December.

I pretty much only talk about some sort of project I've done, designed, or something I've photographed on this blog, but today is an exception. You see, my cousin and her husband have been trying to have a baby for 9 years, and after way too many doctors and way too many different medicines and procedures, she finally found out that because of internal scarring she received from a car accident when she was 18, she can only get pregnant by In Vitro. They are really glad to finally know the reason nothing else has worked, but they have spent thousands to get to this point and literally have no money left. If you feel for them, or know someone that has gone though something similar, maybe you'd be willing to go to their donation website and watch their video (which I had to seriously convince her to do). If you aren't able to donate (I totally understand not having any extra money to spare) maybe you could share their link via facebook. I don't really know of any other way to help them, except to share this link as much as I possibly can

Here is the link, and thanks!

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