Sunday, September 9

Ana and Ty are Married!

My sister was married a few weekends ago at a beautiful place in American Fork, Utah. I loved the feel of her wedding, lots of burlap and loose, free flowers. 

Here is my 72 year old Australian dad. One of the hardest workers I know. I think he has lived like 8 different lives in one lifetime.

My daughter Alex with her niece (and Ana's daughter), Kaylee. The flower girls.

Lavender and Eucalyptus. It smelled amazing.

Who piped 150 cupcakes the night before the wedding? Yes, it was me. And it was fun! These were totally inspired by the look of Cupcake Chic cupcakes.

Ana and her bride's maid, Kara.

Now with one of my twin sister's, Rachel. (I'm not a twin, Rachel has a twin.)

Of course, a picture of my kids! This is the first time Liam has worn a tie, he looks so old. I guess he does turn two next month.