Tuesday, July 3


I went to Missouri in May for my brother-in-law's graduation from Washington University. I've never been to the mid-west before, it was quite humid. I had a really great time touring around the city, and then helping pack their entire two bedroom apt and then drive three days across the country with two kids. The packing was tiring but the drive was actually was quite fun!

A couple shots Grant's Farm.  (It was free to get in. What is it with so many places being free in St. Louis? Awesomeness.)

The Missouri Botanical Gardens. (Also free.)

The Gateway Arch.

Delicious homemade Brazilian food made by my brother-in-law.

A trip to the Saint Louis Bread Co.

Isn't my niece an angel? She is one of those babies that not only looks sweet, but really is. Seriously, she really really really is.

A really beautiful field, in Nauvoo, Illinois.


  1. That bald eagle is absolutely stunning!

  2. Love that baby picture! Babies can be so sweet! I'd love to hear more about your trip! Oh so fun!