Wednesday, October 19

Baking night

I took a break from photos and designs and baked a cake last week. I started at 9:30pm and finished over 4 hours later. Whew. I would have started earlier if I realized it would have taken me that long!
I found the idea here through pinterest, of course. Go to that first link to find the recipe since it is quite long and detailed, as you can imagine. It had been years since I had make a homemade cake (I know, sad) but I was really excited to try out this 6 layered cake. I made it for my baby's first birthday and since I didn't plan a party, I guess I figured I'd put all my efforts into a cake. (FYI, If I had skipped the fondant top, It would have saved me about 45 minutes.)

The batter. I hardly use my Kitchenaid mixer but it was really helpful for this. I should use it more.

The gel food coloring and edible markers. I found these at Robert's Crafts on 50% off your entire purchase day. Sweetness!

Here is one of the 6 portioned bowls of batter. Such vibrant color.

This it the meringue lemon buttercream. Four sticks of butter. I have never made something with so much butter. If you make this and want it to be lemony, make sure you have lemon extract and not just lemon juice, I found out lemon juice isn't strong enough.

Post cooked and saran-wrapped layers. The hardest part of this cake was getting the cake out of the pans. I only have two pans so that means I had to go through 3 different rounds of cooking. I tried pam which barely worked and then Crisco which I thought would work wonders but was only slightly better. Luckily it was all under pounds of buttercream and fondant so you couldn't see the mistakes.

The bottom purple layer was hiding under the curve of the plate. Yum, right?

I made THIS recipe for the fondant. I doubled the recipe, but I didn't need to. One batch would have covered it I think.

And the best part, Alex was able to decorate the cake the next morning. She loves to draw and really enjoyed doing this.

I didn't get a picture of a slice, but here is the cake with a big chunk taken out. It was pretty tasty and all the kids loved it. And the adults. And me especially.


  1. what a fun idea and a very pretty cake!!..Lot's of work I know.

  2. so the cake will come out easier, put a layer of parchment on the bottom of the pan and butter the parchment and the side of the pan!

  3. Thank you Heather, what a great tip! I'll try that the next time I make a cake.