Friday, August 26

Printed and framed

Before seeing the artwork I printed and framed, here are a couple before pictures of Alex's room.
It was actually the nicest, most updated room in the house (no wall paper to remove!)...but the dark grey walls and dark tan ceiling had to go. I love a nice white ceiling.

And, here is the Bobby and Koalas pop-art print I finally printed and originally posted about HERE. It took awhile cause I was having frame problems, a part on the back was missing. I guess that is the risk you take when you buy used frames from craigslist. But it is all good now.

Alex's room was done pretty cheaply too. The desk was my husband's from his childhood. You can see storage crates under the bed which I bought each for 40% off at Robert's Crafts. I had to go a lot of times over the period of about a year since they only allow one item at 40% off each visit. But I saved a ton of money and just stopped by the store when I was in the area. And, they are the best storage for her many many books (a lot of which are also from my husband's childhood.) Her bed was given to us when she was two, which we painted a fresh coat of white. Her quilt I made myself, so it was just the cost of the fabric (but don't look closely, I usually just make up how I want to sew a project, and this quilt shows a little bit...). The owl prints were painted by my sister-in-law, and you can see the other free photo print I had printed from

She loves having a desk now. And it will become even more useful once she starts getting homework from school. Lucky girl gets the first two weeks free of homework! (Not that it ever takes more than 10-15 minutes plus reading...)
I have an amazing illustrated map I'm going to put up on the wall under those two shelves, but alas, it is still in one of our many unpacked boxes. It will be a great spot for it, Alex loves looking maps.

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  1. I love her room! So cool! And I agree, white ceiling are usually best :)