Wednesday, August 10

Poster for Liam's room...and Liam's room

This is what Liam's room looked like about 3 months ago. Completely covered in wallpaper, gross old broken blinds, and lots and lots of heavy wood trim.

With a lot of strength, energy, late nights, help from my sister, and painting from my husband, this is what it looks like now. It is so much more refreshing and airy compared to the dark dungeon it was before. I have been working on making a poster for his wall for a couple months now, and finally had it printed and hung up on the wall today. Besides painting the closet doors, the fan blades and the door to his room white, everything is done...and on the cheap too.

The chair was given to me by a friend who no longer needs it. The crib I bought 7 years ago for my older daughter. The crib bedding was given to me by another friend who didn't want it any more. The curtains I made from $7 sheets and hung on an inexpensive rod from Ikea. I even got free 2" wood blinds from my sister and her husband who no longer needed them (for almost the whole house which is great). We replaced the light switches and covers and the outlets and their covers, making them a refreshing white from the sad tan they were before. Plus now the vacuum stays plugged in.

Don't you love the bedding?! My friend bought if from a few years ago. Surprising.
I bought this wooden crate from Robert's Crafts at 40% off some years ago, I have a few more under Alex's bed for storage too. I might stack another one here to make this table/book holder taller.

I was even able to get this re-stickable "canvas" print for free (and one for Alex's room) from a company I do freelance for sometimes, Paper Coterie. I love it, and I like that I don't have to worry about a frame above his bed falling and glass breaking on him. That actually happened to me once growing up. My Little Mermaid picture and frame came crashing down, glass breaking all over my bed. Luckily I was out in the living room and not sleeping, but I've been paranoid about that ever since.

Here is the print I made, framed in a clearanced $5 frame I found at Target. And printed for just $5 at Costco.

Notice how the colors match the bedding? I know, so smart of me.

Yes that is a brown wall which we painted on purpose. It looks great with the crisp grey walls and white trim. I might buy some slabs of wood and make a white trim to go around the mirror too, to lighten up that side of the room just a little more. I think I'm obsessed with white. My sis-in-law made this mobile for Liam's baby shower. Liam loves to look at it.

This storage thing I actually bought from Ikea. My husband doesn't particularly like the way it looks, but I love the functionality of it and how much stuff it holds. One of the bins I even use for his dirty clothes, and it takes up hardly any space. It is great.

And here, of course, is the babe.


  1. What an awesome nursery!! I love the poster you made, too. Your Liam is a beautiful baby!

  2. Cute! You could mod podge some cute paper with prints onto the front of the bins and give them a whole new look.

  3. That is such a good idea about the mod podge! I need to think about what prints I would put the bins...

  4. wow. that is quite the transformation! that bedding looks kinda of familiar....Good job on all that work.

  5. I love the print you made! Actually, I love this whole room. It puts my kids rooms to shame ;)

  6. Diana, yes, you probably do recognize the bedding! Rachel, you're kids' rooms look great! I love love love what you did with Joshua's room!