Wednesday, July 13

look what's cooking

My sister started this blog for my family members a while back so we all would have a place to share our recipes. I've been watching a lot of Alton Brown and Ina Garten on hulu lately and when I come across a recipe I like, I put it on the blog. I'm so glad she started this, she even took the time to put all my mom's old recipes on there so we can bake and cook the meals we had growing up.
Anyway, since I've been going to the blog so much lately, I realized it needed a simple face lift. Blogger has SO many more style options than it did two years ago when she first started the blog. Back then the only food related background was a picture of some sort of jewish themed dessert. Now they have a whole category under "food" with choices. I chose this basic flatware and created the most simple header I've ever done, but I think it looks great. I love technology. I'm making Snickerdoodles tonight! (This is a great recipe, but not from Alton Brown or Ina Garten.)