Tuesday, December 28

Our Christmas adventure

This Christmas, instead of the usual Christmas Eve party and present opening around the tree, we decided to spend it in the hospital! Well, we didn't have much choice in the matter, but we've been trying to be positive.
On the 23rd little 10 week old Liam had a cough. I brought him to the doctor and had him checked out and he was okay enough to go home. The next morning, Christmas Eve, he woke up with a fever. When I called the doctor back they said to come right in. In the doctor's office they made sure he didn't have a simple strep throat problem before sending us straight to the hospital. I guess a fever of 100.4 or above is not okay with a baby less than three months old, and Liam had a fever of 101.5.
Three nurses, a doctor and a resident huddled over Liam for about 1 hour examining his body, preforming various tests and ruling things out. The doctor and resident left and after four attempts and about one more hour the three nurses were finally able to get an IV working...in his head. I guess his hands are too fat to find a vein. What a long day for us all.

Did you know they have baby size hospital gowns? It was adorable.

I woke up at four am and this bear way laying right by Liam! I feel so thoughtless now because I've never thought seriously about sick kids in the hospital at Christmas. Obviously a lot of other people do, we received a blanket, two stuffed animals, a couple toys and some candy. Santa and Mrs. Clause even stopped by to say hi. People are so thoughtful and giving of their time.

My husband and daughter trekked over to the hospital Christmas morning to open gifts with us (they wouldn't let our daughter sleep in the hospital room). If I would have thought about it ahead of time I would have imagined it to be a terrible Christmas morning, but it was still pretty great. Alex even seemed to have a lot of fun.
They released us from the hospital at about 4:45 on Christmas day. It turned out to be some sort of virus, and even through all the many tests they did they didn't figure out exactly what it was. Maybe some sort of croup or viral pneumonia. I'm really glad it didn't turn out to be something more serious like meningitis, which is what they were afraid of. It is was we'd still be in the hospital. Liam had a follow up appointment today and is doing great, no red throat and clear lungs, we feel so lucky.
I'm pretty sure my husband, daughter and I will never forget this Christmas, but I'm really glad that Liam will.


  1. Thank you for the pictures and the comments. He is such a good baby. I couldn't believe that he would smile with all the monitors, IVs and tubes going in and out of him. Best of all he got to come home and he had a good report from the doctor. HOORAY!!!
    Love, Grandma Kathy

  2. What a crazy thing that he had to spend his first Christmas in the hospital. I'm so glad that Santa was still able to find him even though he wasn't at home.

  3. oh, poor little baby! I'm glad to read that he's better now. I wish you a Happy New Year 2011!! :) Hugs, Silvia

  4. Scary! Glad to hear he's doing just fine now!

  5. What a pain -- glad all is well. Under 90 days - gets a bunch of stuff done if you have a fever. If under 28 days, MUST have a lumbar puncture. There is a grey area between 29 and 90 days -- Did they stick the needle in his back?
    If there is a presumed source for the fever - like a cold, or urinary infection - then I don't do the lumbar puncture, unless the kiddo looks like crap, then I'm doing it just to make sure.
    Sad for your hectic holiday - - but very glad things are great! and Yup -- 38 cel. in a young child is a fever, 38.4 (101.0) in an older kid/adult in my book, but 100.3/100.4 in all young kids is a fever.

  6. poor kid. that's not the way you want to spend your Christmas, but I'm so glad he's doing better. I'll keep him in my prayers.

    I'd love to get you these truffles from Michael sometime, but now that we're snowed in, I don't even think I'll be getting out of the house until tomorrow.... you could always email me your dad's address and I will bring them by if you want. Just LMK.

    Oh, I hope your New Years is a good one!

  7. Oh, how sad. That iv in his head looks like it would hurt, but he doesn't seem to mind. We missed you at lunch. I am glad that he's all better now.

  8. I hope he's all better now. A sick baby is the saddest thing, and a sick baby on Christmas...you are crushing my heart. Hope you guys are all doing well now. Liam looks like such a sweet baby.