Friday, June 18

A recent sewing project

Last weekend I spent all my free moments sewing. My sister had a baby due on the 5th, but was born on the 10th. I had told her I would make a Mei Tai baby wrap for her, and on the 9th I still hadn't bought the fabric...4 days after he due date. So, I comitted last weekend to sewing not just one wrap, but two, one more me too (I'm a few months pregnant). This one shown below is the one I kept for myslef, but it was really really hard to decide which one to keep for myself. On the one I gave to my sister, instead of the orange patterned fabric I used a solid amazingly great shade of green. Sorta like this:

Here is the wrap from the front

For the straps I used canvas and fleece (for padding).

On the inside I used flannel

It also has a "hood" to hold the baby's head if it falls to sleep while in the wrap, but I don't have a good picture of that.
I think I spent about $20 for the fabric (2.5 yards of canvas for the straps, a bunch of fleece padding, 3/4 yards pattern fabric, 3/4 yard canvas (unseen, it is for stabilization), and 3/4 yard of flannel). The girl who makes these whose tutorial I used sells them for about $100, so a pretty good savings! As long as you have a lot of patience, a bunch of extra needles (I think I broke 4 needles, at one point you sew through 8 layers of fabric), and even just a mediocre sewing machine (mine if from a thrift shop), you can do it!
For a link to the tutorial, which is really great, click HERE.


  1. Wonderful Mei Tai! That would be a tough choice, the green looks fab yet the orange is so fun ;)

  2. Wo, nice job!! It looks really good! Sewing from patterns is so hard for me for some reason. Great job Shar!