Monday, May 10

Graduation time at UVU

UVU had their commencement a couple weeks ago, and being that I work at UVU I was assigned to design the commencement program and the 7 convocation programs. I actually didn't do too much of the design, I followed a template that was used for an award booklet that another designer made, but it was a great layout and even though these programs took forever to make, I really enjoyed making them.

This is the 9 x 12 commencement program. The cover is black spot ink printed on black card-stock with a die-cut. They turned out really nice.

Here are a couple of the convocations. They are a bit smaller than the commencement program, about 5 x 7.5 inches if I remember right.


  1. That's beautiful. Makes me want to walk for graduation in Aug... just so I can get a pretty program.