Tuesday, March 16


I love the illustrator Lauren Child. She is the genius behind "Charlie and Lola."
Click HERE to visit her website and enjoy her loveliness.

It is my daughter's b-day party soon, so tonight I bought a few supplies for her party, it is going to be awesome. How can it not when the theme is Charlie and Lola?

This is one of the first Charlie and Lola books we bought. It is perfect for my daughter because she won't eat tomatoes either (but don't worry, Lola eventually does, so it has a good lesson).
This is a page from the book.

This book I spotted at the Louvre last summer in the gift shop. I instantly recognized Lauren Child's style of illustration and purchased the book. It is great, and discusses several different famous paintings/sculptures and their period style (not just works in the Louvre).

And, if you're looking for a non-obnoxious TV show for your child, Charlie and Lola is great. No loud music or annoying characters, just Charlie and Lola and a couple of their friends playing and learning like kids should (it's on the Disney channel).

All images via www.milkmonitor.com & www.celebrateexpress.com

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