Thursday, March 4

Cupcake Chic

If these cupcakes look good to you...which how can they not, visit Cupcake Chic. I took these pics for her kinda at the last minute and in a studio I've never used before, but I think they turned out nice. These are the most delicious cupcakes ever with even more delicious frosting. Trista (owner of Cupcake Chic) and her mom came up with all the recipes themselves. They are online now and in a few local stores, but they plan on opening up a store of their own in the very near future, so look out for them.
Look what she gave me (below)! Lets see if I can remember some of the flavors that were in the box. Key lime (my favorite), neapolitan, coconut, mocha, red velvet, oreo cookie, chocolate with raspberry frosting, tangerine-ish (I don't know exactly, but is was really good)...I guess I can't remember them all, and I'm sure Trista has some better names for them on her site. I recommend ordering a dozen or two for the next party you throw, everyone will love you.

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  1. I'm not a huge cupcake fan, but these look so good! Great photography sharon!