Wednesday, January 6

A handmade Christmas

I received a few wonderful handmade gifts this year for Christmas and thought I'd share.

This owl painting from Cindy for my daughter's room (it has a matching pink companion, too). They match this quilt which I made for my daughter's room last Christmas and which took 5 zillion hours to sew...totally worth it though.

Vintage bookmarks from Rachel.

A piece of the Berlin wall in an awesome frame. The colored pics my friend took in Berlin when she picked up some of the wall, and the black and white are good "story" pictures of how Germany was back in the day. She (along with the help of her husband) Modge Podged them onto a frame.

And an amazing apron, with a matching one for my daughter, from my friend Kristin. I don't know who the designer of the fabric is, but I really love it. She said she bought it at The Cotton Shop in Provo, so I'm going to go search it out one of these days.
There were some great treats, etc, that friends made...but those are long gone and pictures can't be taken. Not that I don't love store bought gifts too, but these handmade gifts I received are awesome!


  1. I loved your handmade gifts too!

  2. You're a lucky girl with some crafty friends!

  3. the fabric pattern reminds me of Orla Kiely, very cute apron!