Tuesday, November 10

Target in November

I haven't taken the time to look at Target's Red Hot Shop for quite awhile.  Here are some selections that I like in their November pics:

This is a cute little tea set.  Whenever I see pantone swatches on a product my immediate reaction is that it is really awesome.  Then I realize they never have the colors I would choose.  Where is 326?  Or 383 for that matter (I must just like the greens).  

I like this puzzle kids food tray.  I don't know when my daughter would use it though...I think it has been 9 or 10 days since I've cooked anything.  That is what happens when family is in town (or when I'm just lazy)...I eat out way too much. 

This is just cute.  If you ever don't feel like using your ikea cheese grater/tupperware thing (I know most of you probably have one), then this little lady will be happy to help you out. 

Teacup hook?  Kinda funky.  


  1. What a fun site you have! Thanks for the bookmark download you'd posted a while back, love it! I am going to print LOTS off tomorrow on a recycled linen card stock that I have!

  2. I'm glad you liked the bookmarks! I need to post some more free bookmarks on here...this is a good reminder.

  3. I love this target stuff, I didn't know Target had this. I love the puzzle tray.