Saturday, November 14

Patina: a handmade market

A friend of mine, Nichole, is opening an all-things-handmade market next Wednesday (the 18th).   Nichole is amazing and extremely creative, and I can only imagine how quickly her shop will become the new place to buy all your friends (and yourself) gifts.  
Here's how it will work.  Each week she will sell handmade products from 8-10 local artists.  The next week, new artists.  You can go each week and find new awesome is that.  

The details:
Grand Opening:  Wednesday, November 18th from 11am-7pm
(regular business hours following:  Wed-Sat 11am-7pm)
Free cupcakes and a little handmade gift for the first 25 customers at the grand opening

Also, if you have some talents you'd like to share (and make money from), Nichole might put your awesomeness in her shop.  Check out the info here.

I'll be sure to post again before the grand opening in a week and a half, but now you all have a heads up. 

Oh, and here is the might need that:
200 South Main Street
Pleasant Grove, Ut

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