Tuesday, October 20

TS Eliot

Although I'm not really a quote person, I really like this quote from TS Eliot.  Probably because it is what I think will happen to me multiple times over in my life.  In fact, it already has in some ways.
I decided to make the quote into this little graphic card-y type thing that I'm going to print out (once my printer is fixed, but that is another story).  It was supposed to be 4"x6"...but that didn't work out.  I couldn't get the words to fit those dimensions, and I only wanted to use one font.  I think this is something like 4"x5" or so.  You can click on it and make it bigger and save it to your desktop and print it too, if you like it (and if you print it on card-stock!)

Here is a close up.  The white texturing is supposed to be there...in case you couldn't tell.

UPDATE: When printing and cutting these, be sure to leave a white border around the text, it will look a lot better and less cramped.  


  1. so perfect! can you print a few to put in my little store? (well next month.)

    seriously. you are so talented. can we be friends?

  2. I love this! Not only the quote, but the way you did it. You should do up a bunch of awesome quotes like this and sell them on bookmarks or something!

  3. That is a good idea. Quote-y bookmarks.