Wednesday, October 7

Home sweet home

Enjoy the new angles of my life with me. 

This is an oktomat camera my friend Cindy gave me.  It uses 35 mm film and takes 8 pictures over a period of two seconds in one frame.  I love it. 

Alexandra likes to peek... 

and draw at her table.

This is her monkey, Eddie.  He's our family friend. 

Believe it or not, we have about 24 times the amount of these crayons.  Last year was the year of crayon giving to Alex. 

This crow totally freaked my husband out when he walked in the door the day after I put it out.  He couldn't tell it was supposed to be a Halloween decoration.  Probably because it is the only one I have.  (Well, I have two crows.)
I'd like more decorations, but I only like creepy-ish things...and those are harder to find over crafty and cheesy.  Wait, is this crow cheesy?  Oh well, I like him.  Maybe I should put up some spider webs. 

We collect magnets when we travel...this is the more recent side of the fridge.
The japanese paper ones at the top were in exchange for some photography I did last summer.  The polar bear and peacock are from Utah artist Leia Bell, which I picked up a month ago in SLC at Craft Lake City.  
Holland, Spain, London (gift from my mom), Paris...and my husband got to go to Niagra Falls a couple weeks ago and of course came home with a magnet...although not my favorite magnet of all time.  I think next year will be the year of saving money and not traveling. 

Allred Orchards in Provo (if you live here) has yumilicious fruit.  

Boots and bug catching.  We finally have a yard and I don't know who loves it more, me or Alex. 


  1. your photos make everything seem magical! i love your new house.

    will you come make my house look magical?

  2. it's so fun to be in a new place and start new. your house is so clean!

  3. Finally a back yard!! I can't wait to see it in person!

  4. I am so excited you guys have a place. There is nothing like not having your own space when you are used to it. Me and Sierra will have to come and see it.

    Love you,