Tuesday, October 27

designer Christoph Niemann

This is a selection of images that Niemann had in an article in The New York Times back in September.  It totally made me smile.  Take a look at the whole article titled "Good Night and Tough Luck" to see several more comical illustrations.
Also, check out his website to see a ton of other stuff he has done.   www.christophniemann.com 

(I've also included his explanations included with each illustration below).

Getting a good night’s sleep is actually a lot more complicated than one would think.

Usually the trouble starts with my having to use the bathroom. Even though I am 38 years old, I still find myself hoping the urge will just pass. Which it doesn’t.

I hate mosquitoes.
What with all that buzzing and itching, the hubbub they cause is disproportionate to the microdrop of blood they make away with. Besides, I am the world’s most formidable mosquito hunter. I have brought to justice every single mosquito that has ever attacked me (except when I spend nights in rooms with patterned wallpaper, which makes mosquito hunting impossible).

The second most wonderful thing about sleeping is the sensation of your cheek meeting the cool half of the pillow after you’ve turned from one side to the other. I found that it takes about 45 minutes for the other end to completely cool down again so the procedure can be repeated.

Finally, the kids are back in their own room, the mosquitoes are on the cover of The New Yorker, the bed is well tempered and I can finally go back to sleep, which brings me to the most annoying aspect of sleeping: dreams.

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  1. I have to mention I read this the day you posted it.. later that night i laid in bed willing my body to go back to sleep even thought it HAD to go to the bathroom. GAH!

    I love when someone points out the funny things everyone does.

    Thanks for sharing... totally made me smile.