Wednesday, October 21

Artist spotlight...

and the artist is my daughter, Alexandra. 

A little while ago I set Alex up on the back porch with a stack of paper and some paint while I mowed the lawn.  When I finished I found this awesome series of monsters that she'd painted.  I love them.  And I love how they are all quite different from one another. 

This one is happy. 

Quite sad, and with red tears!

Angry, look at those eyebrows and that zig-zaggy mouth.  How did she know how to paint an angry face? 

Another angry.  And, no, even though it says "mom" at the top, the monster isn't meant to be me.  It is addressed to me.  I promise!

Then a couple months ago Alex drew "Mr.Loud."  When we got back from Spain about 3 months ago we stayed at my dad's house.  While scouring the bookshelves for some children's books to read, we came across about 10 Mr. Men/Little Miss books.  Alex quickly became obsessed with them.  She started waking up in the morning, getting dressed for school, then analyzing the books until she had to leave for school.  She loves the many characters on the back of the books.  We're now starting a collection for her.  She has Little Miss Curious and Little Miss Giggles.  Good thing they are becoming popular again, Santa might just bring her a Mr. Messy stuffed toy for christmas this year. 

This is obviously Alex's version of Mr Loud, I guess this one is really sad about something.  


  1. I love how creative and inhibited kids can be. I am going to have to check those books out.

  2. I love that alex loves monsters and other scary things. She is such a good mix of boy/girl.

  3. I LOVE her paintings. I want one.