Tuesday, September 1

Free download: Postcards

I've been out for a few days...although not out of town...just lazy I guess.  But, since you've been so patient, I have another free download.  Isn't that great news?  

Personalized postcards!  Print these 4x6 postcards (info below on how to do that) and your fav 4x6 pictures and send your friends a little note.  They'll love you.  Doesn't everyone like a surprise in the mail?

Here is how to do it, it is simple, but you do have to click about two times.  Don't let that deter you!  Click HERE and you will be directed to another site (one I created just for my downloads).  
This image below shows what you will see when you click on the link above (or again HERE).  From there all you have to do is click on "SharonRowanPostcards.pdf" and the file will show up in your internet browser.  Then you can either print it right from there, or right click and save it to your desktop and print (that way you can print more later, too).  See, simple. 

P.S.  Make sure you don't check the "scale to fit to page" option when you print or it may change the dimensions of the printout and therefore won't fit your 4x6 pictures. 

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  1. Love it I'm going to have to find someone to write just so I can use them.