Friday, August 7

Za Du Jewelry

Remember Suzette's business card from a couple days ago?  Well, here is a very small sampling of some of the jewelry she makes.  If you live in Utah valley, you'll be lucky enough to see her at Provo's Farmers market tomorrow and next Saturday (500 West Center street from 9am-2pm).
Visit her blog right here:
She is constantly making new stuff, and will even make custom jewelry for you if you need it.  Come this Saturday!

Also, after you visit Provo's Farmers Market, make your way up to SLC to their first Craft Lake City Arts Festival.  It is from 2pm-9pm.  They will be tons of artists and local bands playing music all afternoon long.  Support your local artists!!

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  1. I'm glad you mentioned when Suzette would be at the farmer's market. I remembered it the other day and thought I had missed it!