Thursday, August 6

What is Cleanflix?

Well, since you asked, Cleanflix is a documentary that will be making it's world debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September of this year.  I just so happen to be the film's photographer.  Actually, even though that might sound pretty cool...I think mainly all I did was take head-shots of all the people involved, and the picture below on this cool poster (and some others of this guy).  
Not only am I the photographer, but my husband is a co-producer (although you'll probably only see our names in the actual credits of the film) and his friend, Josh, is the co-director.  If you're in Toronto from September 10th-19th, buy tickets for the film!  If not, you can still go here and here to read a little about it. 


  1. Hey, I totally forgot that you were the photographer for this. The photo pictured here is awesome. Good luck in toronto!

  2. Did you do the poster? Super cool! I'm really excited to see it.