Thursday, August 27

We like our bonsai's blue

Don't you think this average, green bonsai looks drab?

We thought so!  Well, my husband mostly.  Here's what happened.  While in Europe for two months we left our bonsai behind with someone in charge of watering.  But, while we were gone, it died.  It must have been sad without us.  Anyway, instead of just throwing it out, my husband thought it would be a sensational idea to spray paint it blue and to assign me to take some pictures.  I guess now we're keeping it since he likes the way it looks now.

Some of these images sorta look similar, but look closely, for they are all different.


  1. That is really cool, I have never seen a blue one before.

  2. i think is look cool! great idea.

  3. you did a fantastic job documenting your bonsi tree. Way to make a bad situation into something good.