Friday, August 21

Let's meet some new people

and here they are.  They're great.  Remember when I went to France back in June?  This is the family I stayed with in Senlis.   (Oh, by the way, remember this post about Chateau de Pierrefonds?  Probably not.  Well, at the chateau there was a set for a movie there and I found out that it was for the TV show "Merlin.")

Here are Fred and Louise.  Fred loves road biking.  Loves it.  He even brought his bike from France to Utah with him for his 3 week visit.  He rides for like 3-4 hours at a time, I could probably last 4 minutes.  Oh, and he speaks something like 5 languages...fluently!  

This is Louise.  She is really great, and an amazing cook.  She makes almost everything from scratch, which is quite rare these days.  I guess it not only helps that she went to culinary school for college, but also that she lived in Italy for three years and learned many many things about pasta...which just happens to be my favourite food.  

And here are the kids, Julian, Daniel and Lauren.  

Lauren is the oldest and recently turned 6.  She is quite the natural model.  I wish she didn't live so far, she and Alex get along really well.  One funny thing about Lauren...she absolutely will not wear anything made of denim...or anything sort of resembling the feel of denim.  I've only seen her in anything but a dress/skirt one time.   

And there is Julian poking his head out from behind Lauren.  He is hilarious, and wears his fingerless transformer gloves with him everywhere he goes.
Check out those muscles.

And here is the baby, Daniel.  Actually, he is 1 1/2 now...not quite a baby anymore.  He was saying "cheese" for me as I took the cute. 

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