Friday, July 3

Paris river walk

Last Wednesday, on our last full day in Paris, William and I took a walk along the Seine River that flows through the heart of Paris.  It was about 9 am and we had the river to ourselves, except for the occasional jogger.  

The Yacht of Paris, how lovely!  Can I live on that boat, please?
Boats line the river, most of them looked like they had permanent residents.  
Notre Dame in the distance...
I love rooftop gardens.  If I'm ever rich and live in a big city and own the top suite of an apartment building, I'm definitely creating a sweet rooftop garden. 
Oh yeah, and along with the occasional jogger, the occasional crime scene.  We decided it must have been a murder, what else would they be crouched over?  Midnight Murder on the Bank of Notre Dame.

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