Tuesday, July 14

My favorite fabric designer

Have I ever told you that I love Amy Butler's lines of fabric?  I love them.  LOVE THEM!  Go to her website here:  www.amybutlerdesgin.com.  You will fall in love too.  Not only are the patterns to die for, the quality of the fabric is exceptionally good.  If you live in Utah Valley, here are a couple places you can purchase her fabric locally:

Corn Wagon Quilt Co. in Springville.  This is the first place I purchased her fabric, and as far as I have found, has the best selection. 

The Cotton Shop in Provo.  Amy Butler fabric has been here for about 1 1/2 years now and the selection grows each time I visit, but isn't as great as the Corn Wagon. 

To find a ton of other places in Utah to buy her fabric, click here.  Once there, click on the button by click here to use our shop locator to find a shop in your area.
Also, if you've seen her fabric at any other places and would like to share with others, leave the details in a comment!

Take a look at these fabric samples: 

Amy Butler also sells a ton of patterns.  She has a bunch of bag and quilt patterns, and a growing collection of patterns for clothing and pillows amongst other things.  These first patterns are not free, and everywhere I've seen them they are approx $12.95.  (To view all the patterns you can buy on her website, click here.) 

I've been planning to buy this pattern and make this bag for about two years now...hopefully one day I'll get around to it.  The inside pockets look a little intimidating...I'm really not that good at following patterns.  Amy Butler does have a very helpful sewing terminology page though, it helps me a lot. 

Lovely tunic.

I also have been wanting to sew this bag...but after looking at how many yards of fabric I would need to buy, I realized I would need save up for awhile.  (Amy Butler fabric usually runs at about $10 per yard, or sometimes $12 for the new designs.  Totally worth it though...trust me. )

The following patterns are FREE!   To get the PDFs for them and others, go here (you will have to scroll down a tiny bit and look on the bottom right of the page where it says FREE Pattern Downloads!). 

So, now that you know all about Amy Butler's fabric and where you can buy it locally, go get some and make that project you've been putting off.  Do it!

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  1. we need to get together girl!

    oh, speaking of Amy Butler, Archivers in the mall, has Amy Butler Paper in the clearance section for only 34 cents each! whoo hoo! You should go get some before they're gone.

    Also, we are closing on a house in s.e. provo on friday. We'll have to have you over when we're all settled in!

    What you been up to?