Tuesday, July 28

Giveaway: Update

Lucky number 13 wins!  Karen will be getting a present in the mail in a few days, lucky her!  Thanks to all of you who added a comment, and be sure to keep checking back 'cause I'm bound to have more stuff I want to give away. 

(Karen, can you email me at sharonerowan@gmail.com so I can get some info from you?  My mac doesn't like your email me link on your blog...so I can't send you an email...sorry!)


  1. i love karen!
    she is the sweetest thing... one of those pocket people- you know the kind you always want to keep in your pocket to whisper nice things to you.

  2. Nichole is too kind. Thanks Sharon! I've just emailed you my info. Let me know if you need anything more. I've added a link from my blog to yours, so I'm looking forward to reading about more good stuff you're creating.