Wednesday, July 1

Eiffel Tower

Not only have I been to the Eiffel Tower now, but I also know how to spell it (how many "f"s and how many "l"s?).  There are so many Eiffel Tower pictures out there, and now I have mine to add!  

I didn't realize till I went all the detail that Eiffel tower has. 

We couldn't go all the way up because of the construction (see the green netting up there?) 
This was our view as we ate a delicious lunch of crepes filled with ham and cheese.  

Alex was scared to go to the edge and look over, it took a bit of convincing to get her off those yellow steps.  

I believe that building with the gold dome is where Napoleon I is buried. 
Just some little ants, I mean people, enjoying the park. 

This is 4 shots joined together...but you can't really tell unless you look closely. 

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