Monday, July 6

Du meme

I have a new favorie kids clothing/product line. It is a store that I discovered in Spain, but is actually French. Du Pareil au meme or as the local French call it DpAm for short. If you go to the site, you'll be immediatly hooked to its detail oriented products and adorable style. I wanted to buy about 15 things in the store, but limited myself to the three things below. However...after seeing that there is a sale on their website, I might be tempted to buy a couple more things.

I love this yellow lunch box...I want a cupcake flower!

My daughter is obsessed with this umbrella. Once we left DpAm after buying this, the entire walk home (about 12 minutes) she rambled on and on about why this umbrella was so fantastic and why she loved it so much ("my old umbrella had only flowers and this one is much more interesting," "this umbrella is see through," "this umbrella has so many colors, not as boring as my old pink and white umbrella," "this umbrella is so easy to push up, even babies could do it.")
The only part of the design that sort of creeps me out are those Coraline like button eyes that the birds have...
It even rained (poured) later that day while we were in Madrid. The rain in Spain does not fall mainly on the plane. Good thing she convinced me to let her bring her umbrella ("because it really might rain today!") even though it didn't look like rain at all when we left the house.
And, although I love the two previous buys, my favorite is this skirt. Fabric buttons and two front pockets. Perfect.

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